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Why hire an internal IT person, when you can have an entire team of IT experts for a fraction of the cost?

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Assessment and Planning

We help organizations to evaluate their current development and operations processes and identify areas for improvement.

Pilot Framework Creation

We assist organizations in creating a pilot framework for their DevOps implementation.

Process Implementation

We work with organizations to implement the DevOps processes and best practices.

CI/CD Pipeline

We help organizations to set up a continuous integration and continuous delivery pipeline for their applications and services.

Process Automation

We assist organizations in automating their development and operations processes to increase efficiency and reduce errors.

Security Integration (DevSecOps)

We provide security integration services that help organizations integrate security into their DevOps processes and ensure the security of their applications and services in DevSecOps.

Leverage our capabilities for faster development & deployment

As an experienced DevOps solutions company, we help our clients achieve greater business agility. Our job is to enable organizations to build superior digital products by streamlining their development and operations processes to support & achieve a faster time-to-market.

DevOps in Our DNA

The engineered products & solutions for our customers comprise a DevOps mindset that prioritizes delivery excellence, agile culture & process orientation.

Lean Thinking Approach

As a foundation principle, we help our customers optimize money, resources & infrastructure to derive the maximum value from a minimalistic investment.

Smart Talent Pool

Our selection and training practices enable the core engineering team to stay ahead of the rapidly evolving technology curve.

Complex Delivery Experience

Primarily, we’ve focused on streamlining the release cycles for a variety of applications – from legacy to agile and more.

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The standard DevOps workflow includes: a) Continuous Integration Integration of different pipelines (web & mobile) Preparation of customized builds Configuration of the environment Automation of alerts & reports b) Continuous Testing Virtualization Development of test script Automation of test script with simulation c) Continuous Delivery Deployment of auto-build on sensors & devices Management of rollback on a live environment An automated alert mechanism for tracking performance issues & failures d) Continuous Monitoring Monitoring device health Automated troubleshooting of issues in production & test environment

It allows quick and efficient product deliveries with reduced/shortened development cycles, high deployment frequency towards more dependable releases that are in line with core business objectives.

Lead time: Coding time taken before entering the production environment Deployment frequency: Tracking the number of deployments in a given duration Mean-time-to-recover: Measuring the time taken to restore services post-production Change failure rate: Calculating the percentage of failed deployments and service outage Team performance: Performance measurement of development & operations team throughout

DevOps is the need of the hour for organizations to break the silos between the cross-functional teams – dev & ops. Irrespective of their size and revenues, every organization from SMBs to large enterprises can get benefited from it. At Rishabh, we’ve strong experience of working with companies ranging from advertising to healthcare to IT product ensuring faster software development driven by collaboration and enhanced communication.

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